The word safari conjures all kinds of imagery, from the sweeping plains of the savannah and huge herds of animals to Africa’s big cats stalking their prey. However, there’s a lot more to a safari than this surface vision, dig a little deeper and you will discover safari is very much a blanket term for a variety of different things.
Guided Safari
This is the quintessential safari experience and one well suited to those who have no experience travelling in Africa or those wishing for an exclusive and hassle-free experience. Guided safaris are operated by the vast majority of properties across the continent, with expert guides leading you through your safari experience and enhancing your adventure with their specialist knowledge
Walking Safari
Lose yourself in the heart of the African wilderness and get to grips with how it might have felt for explorers of old, as you hop from one location to another. Guests of mobile safaris stay in tented camps which are moved from place to place across the landscape, an exciting and diverse departure from the norm.
Mobile Safari
To further that old world experience there’s nothing better than a walking safari. Traversing the Africa bushveld on foot provides a unique thrill; exposed but altogether safe, with guides on hand to look after you and show you the smaller wonders of the flora and fauna that are easily missed on a game drive.
River Safari
There are many different rivers that flow through Africa and they can be enjoyed to their full potential through this safari type. Travelling along the winding course of the Zambezi River provides fantastic sightings of hippo, crocodile and elephants or for those more adventurous, the Zambezi River with its rapids and the world’s largest waterfall: Victoria Falls, allows for an action-packed river holiday.