Very few places in Africa can offer the unique combination of South Luangwa National Park's open, grassy plains and mature, mesmerizing woodlands, crowned with the pristine, impressive Luangwa River. This area's reputation for abundant wildlife and unspoiled vegetation is well earned, so whether driving around or walking through, the intense beauty calls to you from every corner.
South Luangwa National Park is the highlight of eastern Zambia. Known to locals as simply 'the South Park,' it was initially founded as the Luangwa Game Park in 1904, and converted to one of three game reserves in 1938. The impressive park covers an area of about 9050 square kilometers of the Luangwa Valley floor and lies anywhere from 500 meters to 800 meters above sea level. With its western and northwestern edge bounded by the Muchinga Escarpment and the southern borderline with the meandering Luangwa River, there's no shortage of dramatic and fascinating topography in this stunning game-rich park.

Mobile Walking Safaris
You will be accompanied by a guide as you walk from one overnight camp to another deep in the heart of the park, along the river banks, exploring areas where there are no roads so you are unlikely to see anything but wildlife. . This park is one of the best known for these types of safaris.

Birding Safari
There is a vast array of birds in the park. A birding safari is usually accompanied by an ornithologist or an expert birding guide.  Bird lovers appreciate the  time to listen to bird song, twitters, and calls, while still enjoying the opportunity of seeing large game.

Boat Safaris
The South Luangwa River offers a spectacle of wildlife to view safely from the comfort of your boat.   The Luangwa River is best navigated in the rainy season when it is fuller. The scenery is lush and verdant and hippos and crocodiles are everywhere.

Kawaza Village
Just outside of the Park is Kawaza village, home to the Kunda tribe. Here you will be able to experience the culture of the local people as well as the opportunity to stay in a simple African thatched hut. The village was the winner of the prestigious British Guild of Travel Writers’ Silver Otter Award for the “Best Overseas Tourism Project.”

Game Drives
Morning drives usually start before sunrise, allowing you to take in the best of the morning game-viewing. The afternoon drives often continue after dark to try and spot some of the Park’s night-time inhabitants.

Night Drives
This is an opportunity to enjoy the nocturnal creatures of the Park long after the sun has set.

Walking Trips
You will have the opportunity to enjoy the African bush on foot, usually for a few hours at a time. A guide will accompany you and make sure of your safety during your excursion.

Photographic Safaris
There is no better way to get your best wildlife shots than out on a photographic safari.