Magnificent wildlife, miles of grasslands and woodlands, plus spectacular rivers and waterfalls — the stunning natural beauty of Zimbabwe leaves all visitors to the country awestruck. Exploring the country’s different national parks is the best way to appreciate its incredible landscapes and wildlife. They offer the opportunity to enjoy unique experiences — from getting a close look at Africa’s big five (lion, elephant, leopard, rhinoceros and Cape buffalo) to taking in spectacular sunsets. Visitors can explore Zimbabwe’s rugged countryside via bushwalking, safaris, boat rides and experience its beauty first hand.

Hwange National Park
Located in the northwestern region of Zimbabwe, Hwange National Park is the largest natural park in the country. It used to be the royal hunting grounds. Today, the park hosts over 100 different species of animals and over 400 birds. The park is particularly known for its enormous population of African elephants. Hwange is dotted with several waterholes and dams such as Nyamandhlovu Platform where you can enjoy game sightings and beautiful African sunsets. There are also walking trails that you can explore in the company of tour guides.

Victoria Falls National Park
Home to breathtaking Victoria Falls, this national park in northwest Zimbabwe is a must-visit destination for any visitor. Counted among the Seven Wonders of the World, the sight of the huge curtain of water cascading down is unforgettable. Apart from experiencing the beauty of the waterfalls from various vantage points like the Knife-edge Bridge, and Boiling Pot, you can explore its lush rainforest setting, and drive or hike for game sights as the park hosts elephants, buffalos, white rhinoceros and more.

Nyanga National Park
Zimbabwe’s oldest national park, Nyanga National Park is a scenic wonder with miles of green hills and lush riverscapes. Its cool climate makes it a great place to relax and enjoy nature. Explore the beautiful landscapes of the park by hiking or mountain-climbing through trails. Don’t miss out on the incredible sight of the Pungwe Falls, a charming tiered waterfall that is a highlight of the park

Mana Pools National Park
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mana Pools National Park is renowned for its unspoiled natural beauty. The park is located in northern Zimbabwe along the southern side of the Zambezi River. In addition to the main four pools, the river’s low-lying flood plains turn into lakes with the rainy season that attracts a large array of wildlife, making it a prime game-spotting terrain. You can walk unguided through its trails to explore its beauty, or take a canoe trip which offers incredible scenic views.