Here are some of the set tours and safaris per destination in Southern Africa. Kindly note that we have included as much information on this website about each and every tourist destination to help our clients customise their tour and safari based on their preferences.
As Zambia’s entry to the Victoria Falls and the surrounding Zambezi region, Livingstone has something for everyone – romantics, adventurers, adrenalin junkies and explorers.
South Luangwa National Park has one of the largest concentrations of wildlife in Southern Africa. There is a large concentration of wildlife and many tourists relative to its size.

The beauty of visiting this Park is the truly remarkable opportunities to experience Africa as it was. It is wild and untouched and you are simply an unobtrusive witness to its natural beauty and drama.

It is one of the largest parks in Africa and is home to 152 different species of mammals. The park is named for the Kafue River. It stretches over three provinces: North Western, Central and Southern.

Flowing wide and slow, the mighty Zambezi defines the park, riverine trees hugging its banks, grassland beyond, wildlife all around. Its life-giving presence comes courtesy of a huge rift in the earth's crust, charting its course east to the Indian Ocean. Over millennia, volcanic soil deposits have enriched the vegetation, and meanders have given way to oxbow lakes.

Liuwa has undergone a tremendous re-birth under the stewardship of African Parks and while their bi-annual WILDEBEEST “MIGRATION”is probably still its most renowned feature, theENDLESS SKIES, LARGE PACKS OF HYENAS, INCREDIBLE FLORAL BLOOMS and the Lions of Liuwa – all make a visit to Liuwa richly rewarding.

There are 20 national parksand 34 game management areas in the country. For multiday safaris clients can have their trip tailor-made based on the prefered National Park and Game Management area